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Dirk Gets A Date Dirk Gets A Date

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Super Duper

Good humor Valentines Day

Jared Fogle:The True Tale Jared Fogle:The True Tale

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The New Woody Allen

Man this shit is like the new Woody Allen. But of flash..and better. In fact, this makes Woody Allen look like a wooden donkey compared to a drinking fountain. You heard me buddy. I went there. This is the best fucking shit i've seen. It made me want to fucking crap my fucking pants up. In fact i think i did. Who knows. Best movie ever. This new Woody Allen should be nominated for President. Then we would have New Allen World.....Not just a continent. But a whole new way of thinking. Allen World...Where wooden donkeys decide the fate of all mankind. I could almost get off to this radical new style of shit. It makes all that fucking mario sprite shit on this site look like the shit it is..Shit...Donky shit. Dung Dung Dung. Ahhh i think my fucking head is going to explode. Does anyone think that xibit the rapper might be gay. He certainly acts the part. And his excessive ass raping doesn't help him out of his predicament. And what about little bow wow? Didn't he get raped? How did he pull that one off..Doesn't he still try to pull the hard-core gangster thing off? He sucks..Some guy spluged in his ass...He's no gangster.

Life In Short Life In Short

Rated 5 / 5 stars

everyone who didnt like this must suffer from peni

This was funny as funny?FUNNY AS HELL!no more no less...(if ur wondering how good "as hell" is its so good like if you ate a monkey and he tasted bad like you wouldnt care know?)hmm...wheres my dollars...kill bill is too good for school